Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18th, 2012

Standalone music player...

The Mobil Sugarshack is headed to Denton, NC today for the American Antique Motorcycle Association meet..  We'll have plenty of PBR's and groceries to eat, might take a few parts, buy and swap a few...if you make it, check us out.  We'll be in the campground under the trees, close to the bath house and main event building.....gator

while you are here, you might as well check out Kora...she's looking good today....

Damn, I like blue, no matter what color it is!

She has an ass like a $100 mule!

Damn!  She's missing a bush...WTF?

Very Nice...

Well, I guess the puppies make up for the missing shrubbery

Yea, she has my vote today!

And yea, the puppies makes up for alot of stuff!

What's wrong with this picture?    N.A.D.T.

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