Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MAY 30th, 2012

gator's mobil sugarshack will be at this swap meet Saturday

It was hot as Haiti at The Sugarshack Sunday, Monday and Tuesday...the heat I can take, the humidity sucks...I took a few pics while monkeying around the shop, I haven't downloaded all them yet...I will...

Check out Jodie while you are here.  She want's to show you her puppies!

Don't do it Jodie!

Awl Hell, go ahead and do it....

Mighty Sweet Looking!

Nice Puppies For Sure!

What's Wrong With That?

Damn, I'm Glad She Did It!

Ant You?

I Like This Pose....Sweet!

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Pooter Girl said...

Anybody riding their bikes down Sat that I can ride with?