Thursday, May 3, 2012


I had a good friend stop by the shop three or four weeks ago. We have been to Sturgis, Myrtle, and many other rides together. He had all his back issues of Easyrider magazine, a box of old HotRod mags and some other various motorcycle mags. He wanted me to have them, they dated back to 1969.

He also wanted to talk about his shovel and how he wanted to sell it. He said he didn't have time to ride it like it needed. I talked to him a while about things and finally convinced him not to sell his shovel, he has had it for a long time. I know he would miss it if he did.

I get a call last night, the person on the other end of the line tell me, my friend had died in the hospital yesterday. He never called for help or to let me know what was happening to him. The person on the phone had took him to the emergency room the day before. He said that Big Don didn't want me to see him die. He also told me that Big Don wanted me to have his shovel.....I'll stop here..

I don't need the pitty or other comments for or about me. Just saying, pay attention to the little hints, whether it's your bike, health or life. Take Care of Yourself, and stay in touch with the ones you love, You Never Know!........gator


Pooter Girl said...

Thinkin of you Neil

Wade said...

Dam gattor hate to hear that. Really makes you think about your frinds and buddies. O i fixed the story on the OG blog it aint perfect but i finally got it to take the spaces and not put it all together. See ya and be safe.