Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAY 31st, 2012

Here is a few pics from around the Sugarshack was overcast and humid all

Check out Jaye, she has her puppies out today and wants to show them to someone.....

Pigsnot, Woody's Big Dog and Ratrage, May 2012

May 2012

gator's mobil sugarshack logo

Springer, Girder, Custom Sissy Bar

Springer head

Springer Rockers

Girder Head

Girder Axle

Custom Sissy Bar, 2012

Signal Light Bar

The Leprechaun's new Shitter Lid, he didn't bother to come get it, and Terrible Tom wants to shit over

It's still in progress in this pic, you should see it now....after Death Science and the OG's worked on it...

The Sugarshack Gasket Selection

18" Wheel, 4 1/2" Mini Mechanical Drum Brake

Jaye and her puppies!

Very Nice!

Don't do it Jaye

She has a butt like a show goat!

Death Science's Sparky on OG Eclipse's ride...

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