Monday, April 30, 2012


Due to lack of views and comments, This is the last post of Puppies Of the Day for a while....It was fun looking that elusive puppy of the day...gator

God Bless America!

Nice calf, or should I say cafes?

Sweet!  Love that puppy stance!

What could be better than looking at clean puppies?  Unless, you can touch em!

Heidi still has the best Puppies Of The Day1

Damn All Mighty, I'd give my favorite yoyo!

Can't you just taste, well think about it anyway...WTF?

You know how I like bacon strips!

I like red, and I like puppies, Heidi has both....

And she's got beer!

And she drinks beer!

She has an ass like a show pony, I don't need to look anymore.....So Long....gator

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