Monday, April 16, 2012


Not sure what to think about the puppie selection of today, but I did find some puppies of the day...gator

Nice, squeeze them puppies!  WTF?  is that?

Nice Puppies!

Missing Bush, WTF?

Puppies of the Day!

Nice Pups, don't you think?

I like em!

Fancy Underwear also! What time is it?

Wtf?  No bush again, Damn It, I like bacon!

Very Nice Pup Shot!

She could put someone's eyes out with them things!  wtf?

Nice puppies, these could be the Puppies of the Day!

What's wrong with this picture?

WTF? Conan The Barbarian's sister!

Nice boobs for a head chopper offer!

Hell, just cut me into baby! That's a whole slab of bacon...

Barbarian Shrubbery!

I hate that you are leaving, but I love to see you go!

What's wrong with these puppies?

Not a damn thang!

It's like Rodney Carrington said, once you've seen one, you want to see them all!

WTF?  No bush!

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